Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Contemplating and Downsizing.

It has been a little quiet on here as I have been busy posting on my Sasha blog and of course Henry's blog due to our trip to Arizona and the Sasha Festival.

Peggy Sue did indeed get her own way and made it to the festival...I think she found she got a bit more than she bargained for at times, but she enjoyed herself no end.  

Photos of the festival can be found here...

Since April I have been feeling rather overwhelmed by all my dolls.  I thought it would be a transient thing, but I still feel this way several months later and think I need to downsize somewhat.  So the first I am thinking of selling are one of the Lati girls and the little Pukifee.

I realised that I haven't photographed, or played with these dolls all this year, so really it seems a shame for them to be stuck in a cabinet unloved.  I will probably keep the little girl in the middle.

So if anyone is interested, they come complete with their original boxes and I think they have spare hands and wigs....will have to check when I get the boxes down.  I will of course be taking more in depth photographs and descriptions of them.

The other fellow I think will be looking for a new home is my Littlefee Jacob.  I also dearly like him, but he just sits in a chair being neglected...

I will have quite a few other miscellaneous dolls that I hope to sort through over the next couple of weeks.

I think I may well sell on a couple of my Schoenhuts as well, but they will require a bit more thought first.


  1. I finally did realize I could go over to your Sasha page and check up on your dolls' activities. It looks like they all had fun.

  2. Aw! I'll miss Jacob. He's a favourite of mine, but sometimes you just have to let some go to keep things manageable. Hope they find great homes.
    Jenni xx

    1. Well that is the theory in writing anyway....easier to put down on paper, actually doing it is another and when I dug out that photo of Jacob I thought 'Really?' Is that what I want to do?


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