Sunday, 23 November 2014

Birthday Party Time! - Opening the Presents

While Little Owen keeps the companions busy and entertained....

Peggy Sue unwraps her birthday presents!

First up is this lovely gift bag from Italy!  A most unexpected surprise.

Oh wow, a beautiful bag.  Peggy Sue exclaims.

A closer view, what lovely work.

There is another little gift as well, a gorgeous red necklace.

Look, isn't it beautiful?  Peggy Sue asks as she shows it off.

Thank you so very much, to 'Cataddict's' girls!

Oh, what is this?  Another little gift.

This one is from the Sasha girls at Rose Cottage.

Oh look!

My very own skipping rope!  It has such beautiful handles.

The girls all admire the skipping rope and hope they get a turn with it as well!

Oh, my a hobby horse, for when I can't go outside!  Peggy Sue says.

She gives her horse a big hug.

Giddy-up!  Peggy Sue says..

Meanwhile Little Owen is telling the companions a story...

...about his adventures....with lots of embellishments by the looks of things!

Peggy Sue has a ride round on her new hobby horse.

Emily and Edith discuss skipping and various skipping games...

Peggy Sue gives the other girls a ride.

Stevie has a turn first.

With her new bag over her shoulder, Peggy Sue chats to Nettie and Saige

I think she might be suggesting a shopping outing!

Now she has a bag, she just needs some pocket money and off they can go!

Party fun!


  1. So pleased that Peggy Sue likes all her gifts (great to see the hobby horse and skipping rope in action). The little bag and necklace are very pretty.

    1. Peggy Sue loves her gifts, she will have fun with the skipping rope and hobby horse and of course is delighted with her bag and necklace as they make her feel 'quite growed up' as she told me last night before she fell asleep.


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