Sunday, 23 November 2014

Birthday Party Time!

The guests are gathering....

Much excitement and chit chat is in the air as they await the arrival of the birthday girl.

Bonnie and Erica are dressed in their two new matching smocked dresses made by their Aunty Kath....they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Kiwi cousins.

Anne-Marie and Alice, the two older girls are having a cup of tea while they have the chance.

Quick everyone I think Peggy Sue is arriving...


Just like last year, Peggy Sue is surprised to see how many of her friends have attended.

She sees the little girls and tells them how sweet they look.

Peggy Sue says hello to everyone

and is delighted that so many of her friends are here.

The girls chat about their pretty outfits.

Bonnie and Erica tell her they are hungry already!

Henry gets them to sit down in a corner and gives them a couple of cakes each...

Nettie watches over them as well and reminds them not to get their pretty dresses messy.

Cute little girls enjoying their cakes.

The others start mingling.

Lots of chatter going on 

BJ seems to be chatting to Anne-Marie and Alice....I wonder what they are chatting about.

It seems BJ was Anne-Marie when Peggy Sue will be blowing out the candles on her cake.

Soon, the older girls tell her.

Sure enough, Peggy Sue is called over to blow out the candles on her cake.

She looks at it in awe.

Wow!  What a lovely cake.

They all gather round to sing Happy Birthday to her...

Peggy Sue starts to blow....

Looks like she has an eager helper by her side!

All the candles are blown out!  Time to cut the cake...

Present opening to come....


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