Friday, 21 November 2014

Some new arrivals.

Although I have been selling and giving away a lot of dolls in my quest to downsize, I am still keeping my collections that interest me, and if the opportunity arises to add to them and I am able to, hence some new arrivals.

Two lovely Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls arrived today and I am thrilled to add them to my NASB collection.

This sweet little girl is Little Miss Donnet, She Wore a Big Bonnet, No. 163

This one is Ring a Round of Rosy No. 159

I am still working on my Nancy Ann Story Book page, hopefully I will get it finished this weekend.

Also welcoming  the arrival of a sweet little waif Schoenhut Miss Dolly.

Below are her arrival pictures..

She needs a bit of a 'tidy up and clean'.  She is sadly missing a thumb on one hand and part of her little finger on another, but she is still a little sweetie and stands 16 inches high.

She has a bit of a 'lazy' eye.

I think she has her original wig.

She is looking forward to getting a new dress it is a bit cool to wear this now.

Just got to think of a name for her.

I think she is going to be named Florence  after one of my grandfather's sister.

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