Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dolls & Dolls Houses for Sale.

So I am still downsizing my doll collection as hard as it is, even though I have kind of added to it earlier this year with the Makies...  oops!

I am open to offers or negotiations so please email me if interested in any of the dolls.

Currently looking for new homes are:

Some of my lovely American Girl Dolls, as hard as it is, I have decided I really don't 'need' them all, even if I want them all!  At least one Kidz n Cats girl - Henriette.

A Lundby dolls house, complete with a family and some furniture and accessories.

'Just like You' JLY 37  Currently called Caitlin, this lovely girl with her red hair, freckles and green eyes is in lovely played with condition and will come wearing her handknitted dress as shown.


Pleasant Company Kirsten - comes as shown in her original meet clothes and her book.


Kit - complete in box, in displayed only condition.  Comes in her complete Meet outfit, hat and purse, book and box.  


Samantha - good played with condition with her complete Meet Outfit.

Kidz n Cats Limited Edition Henriette.  SOLD

Currently trying to find the 'safe place' I put her signed certificate only a few weeks ago, and then she will be ready - she can come with or without her original box.

So here she is for me to think about and assess....  her arrival photos

Her first Christmas portraits

Colourful winter warmth.


Lundby Gothenburg Dolls House

This will come with the family and accessories, but not necessarily all the furniture shown - I have this and more, so need to sort through it first.  If anyone is interested then I will do some more photos.


Vintage Dolls House - c1950s  £70.00

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  1. Wow, great stuff for sale! I love the 70s style of the Lundy house. I'm sure it's hard to part with some of the AG dolls, but that I always think, when one doll goes, another one can come in! ;)


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