Friday, 21 August 2015

Where are you off to Peggy Sue?

Peggy Sue seems to be on an important mission....she sets off early one morning...

Quite some time later she is seen returning with a new basket full of books.

That is a big basket you have there - I bet it is heavy!

The basket is full of books.

Looks like she has either been to the library or a bookshop.


  1. I do love Peggy Sue! :) She looks great in her coat and hat and her little handbag is so sweet. Smart girl...books are great...

  2. Such a lovely coat Peggy Sue - was the weather this morning chilly enough for a coat for your trip to the library or bookshop - such a heavy looking basket of books you've got to read.

  3. Peggy Sue has a lot of reading to do :-). I love her outfit, the coat is so beautiful!

  4. That is such a fantastic coat for her!

  5. Very cute photo story...oh that Peggy Sue is always up to something! :)


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