Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Domo Family

As I am slowly going through my dolls and toys I thought I would share some with my blog readers.

I have a small Domo family.

Two 4 inch Domos and five two inch Domos

Dougal Sunshine - Four inches flocked

Darwin - Four inches.





Sydney Sunshine

 I have three on my wish list that I hope to find one day....  a shiny metallic blue like 'Dennis' who is a shiny metallic red, a bright blue (sky coloured), and a wood effect Domo.


  1. That's quite a rainbow of Domos you have. Very cute!

  2. Hi Serenata,
    Great post...I didn't know what these little guys were called...I can remember my 6 year old getting a plush brown version of him when she was a baby and I never knew the I do! Great collection.
    :) Farrah


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