Friday, 21 August 2015

The Hunt for Scooby Doo - The Conclusion.

You may recall the last sighting of Scooby Doo was back here when we learnt of his capture and subsequent probable escape after the sighting of a strange creature...what happened?  We know that Fred was seen searching for him thought he'd found some clues   and later on the gang sat and discussed their next strategy while waiting on Velma...

The story continues....

Scooby Doo looked at the strange creature in surprise.  It appeared to be beckoning to follow

He decided it couldn't be any worse than his last experience and with a gulp decides to follow.

In the meantime...

Shaggy has a box of Scooby snacks and is calling out in the hope of luring Scooby Doo.

Fred is still searching for clues and thinks he might have found some more...

Daphne touches Fred on the shoulder...'That isn't what I think it is?'  She says with a bit of a shake in her voice.

Velma, is also searching all the dark hidden places where a scared Scooby Doo might hide.

Shaggy is convinced the box of Scooby snacks will do the trick.

Scooby Doo and the strange being make their way through the undergrowth... Scooby hears something and pricks his ears...

The gang regroup to discuss strategy 

They decide that more searching is in order, but this time together as if they all call out at once Scooby Doo might hear them.

'Scooby Dooooo'

Suddenly with a rustle they are confronted with...

Scooby Doo!  Shaggy rushes up to him and gives him a great big hug.

Velma kneels down to have a closer look at the strange creature that led Scooby Doo to safety.

Smiles all round, the gang are reunited and it looks like Velma has a new interest to investigate....just who or what is this strange creature?

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  1. A happy ending...just what we needed. And a new friend as well.
    Where does this little mysterious being come from? Does this mean the story isn't quite done yet?


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