Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Very Special Doll

Last year I enjoyed watching the progress of a friend carving a small wooden Bleuette doll.  I very much admired the finished doll.   Never did I expect that a year later I would have the opportunity to adopt the little doll.  I feel very privileged to have been able to offer her a new home and she is everything I expected and more.  I am absolutely delighted and she has already fitted in so well.

Here are her arrival photos.

Waving hello to her carving 'Mother' 

She thought she would quite like to try a different coloured wig, but I only really had one that fitted that look kind of okay.

She said she quite likes red hair, so we will give it a little while to see what we think about her new look.

It turns out she is an avid reader and couldn't wait to investigate what was on offer.  

Here she is reading 'Attic Days - A Patchwork Tale' by Natalie Jo

Eager to start at a new school, I had to make her a school uniform today.  She seems pretty prleased with it.

Her school portrait.

Now I just have to wait for her to tell me her name as she is currently keeping it secret!


A very special thank you to Sisko for letting me adopt her gorgeous girl - she will be treasured for ever.


  1. Hi Serenata, congratulations, this is a wonderful doll! And what a talented friend you have! The tartan dress is great, and so is the school uniform! I really like her as a redhead, and am curious to find out her name :-).

  2. Hi Serenata,
    What a gorgeous new doll...she really does seem very special and quite loved already. Beautiful school uniform! :)


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