Monday, 5 October 2015

Last two Makies Arrive - The White Duo

So back on 10th September I ordered my last two Makie dolls, this time in white as mentioned in this post here.

After what seemed a very long time - certainly longer than the usual two weeks, they arrived this morning - perfect timing as it turned out for a very rainy day and being stuck inside.

So I took my time as I really wasn't sure what I would think of these two when they finally arrived.

One box....

Two tubes...

Two Makies....


Well....part of me wonders just what WAS I thinking when I designed these two?

The girls make up is rather overdone and lopsided but she certainly has a determined look about her.

Not sure if this guy really wants to wave hello or tell me to back off...

I decided to change her wig and prefer her with this white wig.

They could be twins I guess?  Certainly related.

Wet afternoons are perfect for sewing so I made her a dress

Which really shows how 'slapped' her cheeks look!  I will have to wash this off.

I think the boy is going to be a doctor of some kind.

My husband thinks he will be great in one of my Scooby Doo stories.

Not quite sure just what type of doctor he is though!

Having seen pictures of the new bodies now I have to say I am SO glad I ordered these when I did.  The new bodies might be more easy to pose and slightly more flexible, but I really don't like them at all.  

Not quite sure how these two will develop yet and just 'who' they are.  They need names as there 'Makie Lab' names are really not what I would choose.

I had toyed with the idea of dying them.  I quite fancy a bright sunshine yellow Makie, but I don't think I can - these two will stay white I think.


  1. I'm impressed by how unique both of their faces look! So many of the Makies seem to have a general family-type resemblance to each other, but this pair looks quite different in their own distinct way.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them - and who they turn out to be! :)

    1. Thanks - I think I am quite pleased with them actually, they are quite different from my others - or at least the boy is anyway. I think the poor girl might be sickening for something...

  2. I love the girl in her new white wig - it suits her perfectly! Also like the boy with his hair pulled back. They both remind me of characters from television or a movie -- I can't quite put my finger on it. They're definitely on the "creepy" side, so would be great in the Scooby Gang adventures!

    1. Thanks :-) They are certainly different, and yes I think the boy looks a bit more male with his hair pulled back.

  3. I think you had your Scooby Doo adventures in the back of your mind when you created these two, they look related a bit to Mr Sinister, so maybe the boy in the white coat will become a Scooby villain when not being a perfectly nice chap who mows the lawn on Sundays and tends the flower beds (appearances can be deceiving). The girl looks better in the white wig, I like her original outfit and her new white dress (she could easily be a ghost in a haunted house to scare Scooby). With 31 Oct approaching you could have a fabulously spooky story line going.

    1. Quite possibly! They could indeed be related to Peter S... they are still telling me their characters....the girl is Verity and the boy Dr Victor D'Ath Hmmm....

  4. A good thing you bought these with the old bodies if you don't like the new ones! I looked up the new bodies, they are quite different, I saw that the joints are changed entirely. I like your white dollies, the white wigs and the way you dressed them very much! And to be honest, I like the blush on the girl too now she's in white tones :-).

    1. Yes I am so glad I did get them, I have also warmed to them and very pleased with them now.


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