Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hard Work and Play make Peggy Sue Happy

Peggy Sue heard Dad say that he was going to be painting the roof of his office today....

She donned her overalls, grabbed a bucket and set off to help.

The steps on the ladder are quite far apart....

But taking it one step at a time she gradually gets higher

and higher...

finally she is on the roof and starts scrubbing to get it all clean and clear for painting.

After a little while of working hard she has a break and admires the view - she can see into all the other gardens from up here!

Walking back through the garden after the roof is prepared Peggy Sue notices that there are a load more leaves in the garden...this will never do she thinks to herself!

She finds the rake...

and starts raking up all the leaves

She works really hard...

...until there is quite a pile!

All done!

Peggy Sue helps put the pile of leaves in the compost bin.

Time for play!

Peggy Sue has been wanting to go up to the tree house for ages....but the boys tend to be round and so far have been dominating it...but now was her chance as they were nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately they had left the rope ladder down...

She starts to climb it.

It is not easy as it sways too and fro

But Peggy Sue is one determined young lady as we all know.


She makes it to the top

Carefully she starts to climb through the trap door hole.

There she goes!

And Up!

Peggy Sue has made it.

She couldn't help but sing 'I'm the King of the Castle'

Peggy Sue was very proud of her achievements and can't wait to bring Little Owen up with her next time.  She is very excited about telling him all about her adventure.

Darling Peggy Sue, hard worker gets her reward.

After a while it is time to come down 

She heads off back to the house

full of stories to tell her friends.


  1. What fun with the leaves and having your own tree house platform!

    1. Always fun with Autumn leaves! The tree house platform was supposed to evolve to an actual tree house this year (the boys built it last year - story on my Sasha blog) but that didn't happen...

  2. Was dad really going to paint the roof of his office or the ceiling? Are the roof tiles the kind that need to be painted? I like that Peggy Sue has done a lot of climbing and helping today and great to see the longer length rope ladder being used - it certainly is long enough now!

    1. Oh yes fact he is still up there painting it! They are not tiles, but rather special repair patches for the roofing material and the paint is a special roofing felt paint. He has been painting the shed during the week getting it ready for winter.

      The ladder is great! The boys just leave it out all the time though!

    2. I'm glad I put some shellac on the rungs of the ladder, it should to help it last a little longer.

  3. Very sweet of Peggy Sue to help so much and great to see she got to exploring the tree house platform. Boys can be such a nuisance! Really quite a determined and busy little girl. And she looks great in her 'work outfit'.

    1. She is such a great little helper, always looking for something to do.

  4. Peggy Sue is such a hard worker, and she looks very cute in her work outfit. The tree house with the ladder is awesome, you always have amazing accessories for your dolls! The photographs are really great, lovely post!

    1. Thanks Linda. My friend 'DollMum' who also has a fabulous doll blog, made the ladder and the boys made the tree house last year - similar time of year actually! You can read about it here...

    2. Thank you for the link, it's a great post! I follow DollMum's blog too, she has a lovely blog indeed :-).

  5. Peggy Sue look so cute climbing up those ladders. Fantastic photos-this may be one of my favorite posts of yours :)

    1. Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it :-)

  6. Just came from Henry's garden adventure! I knew it was a girl! Love it all, and especially the link. Is Peggy Sue coming to Festival next summer? Auntie Norvell

    1. Yes I think she will, I missed her this year as I think so do others!


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