Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Kindness of Friends.

A little while ago I posted a picture of my poor little waif Nancy Ann Storybook doll on Flickr.  She had a sweet little face I just couldn't abandon her, so she has waited patiently in the cabinet for a time when I might make her some new arms and repair her feet.

Well very fortuitously a blog/Flickr/Ipernity friend from afar was given some 'spare parts' the other week and much to my surprise and delight she offered to send my sweet little girl some arms. I was of course delighted at the offer as these dolls so very rarely become available in England, let alone parts for them.

They arrived today and I duly performed 'surgery' on her.  

She still needs her feet repaired but in the mean time, there was also another surprise in the package.  Not only did this dear friend send the arms she also made this little doll an outfit WITH shoes!

The crochet work is exquisite and I am overawed by her generosity and talent.  

Sweet little Beth - named after this friend - waves her a big hello and thank you.

She looks so much happier and even prettier now!

Beth has a wonderful website where she shares patterns, tips and hints and of course pictures of her dolls and creations. It can be found here.

Thank you so much, you have really made my day!


  1. How brilliant that your friend found those extra parts! And the dress is adorable too.

    Beth does look happier now that she's re-armed and all dressed up. :)

  2. Beth is a very lucky girl and she looks really sweet in her new dress and cute shoes. She must be very, very happy with her new arms.

  3. Beth looks so much happier now, and how very kind of your friend to give her arms and a beautiful outfit :-).

  4. The red goes so nicely with her cute little pursed lips. Lovley little doll! :)

  5. How lovely that she has new arms and new clothes in the same parcel - lucky Beth.


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