Monday, 28 December 2015

A Catch Up....

A little bit of a 'catch up' post of doll goings on over the last couple of weeks.

Just before Christmas we had a friend come round.  She brought Addison round to play with Peggy Sue and Hazel - the girls enjoyed playing snakes and ladders.

Her lad joined the Schoeys on their shelf and enjoyed chatting with them.

Hazel (yes my gorgeous wooden Bleuette finally got a name!) enjoyed an outing and a visit with the Christmas Polar bear who was quite taken with her.

He enjoys a tickle under his chin.

Some Schoenhut animals arrived Christmas Day....

Wren seems to be very pleased....she has a horse of her own!  Yes it was supposed to be for the Schoey kids, but seems Wren had other ideas....

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