Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Right for Equality!

Peggy Sue takes things very seriously....she has been most distressed recently. She has recently given a speech.

"Have you heard the news? It is simply most terrible!

Our friends, the Gollys are receiving a bad press and being unfairly accused of crimes they haven't committed. They have been labelled racist or extreme! How can that be possible? It is people responsible for these issues and beliefs, not us.

Something must be done to put an end to this extreme Gollyaphobia. Let us unite and protect our friends from prejudice and show them our acceptance and love.

Let us show people that Gollys are just like any other toy regardless of their size, shape, maker and colour, be it black, white, red, yellow, purple or green, with one eye or three, with sticky up hair or none, these are toys just like the rest of us - made to be enjoyed, to be loved and cuddled, to bring laughter, joy, fun and companionship.

Let us fight for Equality for Gollys - the right for them to be treated like any other toy.

Remember toys aren't responsible for acts of atrocity or racism...PEOPLE are.

My friends we MUST UNITE and STOP the spread of Gollyaphobia and Gollyism that is hitting our land."

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  1. Let the dolls lead the way! And, Happy Christmas everyone! Adam & Angelo


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