Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Fine Day for a Walk

 It was a windy day today, but we set out for a walk in the woods at Ashridge Estate

It was good to get out for a walk after the Christmas indulgence and to get rid of some of the 'cobwebs'.  Peggy Sue enjoyed walking through the leaves.

She is wearing her fabulous new rain coat made by Barbie, a friend of ours who lives in Arizona.  

It is a perfect fit and Peggy Sue loves it.

We walked to the village of Aldbury and went into the Church St John the Baptist.

Peggy Sue was delighted to visit Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

She had to be ever so quiet as he was sound asleep.

Aw, sweet Baby Jesus.

The stained glass window was stunning.

We got home just as it started to rain!


  1. What a lovely winter outing for Peggy Sue, a walk in the windy woods then the visit to the crib to see baby Jesus. I like her new raincoat, great colour.

    1. It was a lovely outing with the added bonus of being able to go into this lovely church.

  2. What a beautiful walk and such nice scenery for Peggy Sue to enjoy. She look so cute peering in on Baby Jesus. Cute coat as well. :)


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