Monday, 21 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Twenty One

The Advent posts are over on my Sewing for Sasha Blog but I thought today's should be posted here as well as they feature little Oliver William.

Hi Henry, I was wondering if Oliver William could open the Advent window today?  Peggy Sue asks.

Absolutely.  Henry replies.

Oliver, you need to find the little door with the number 21 on it.  That is a two and a one together.  Peggy Sue explains.

Here it is!  Oliver William says as he spots it.

Yes, that is right.  Peggy Sue says.

Open it up. 

Oliver William opens the little door and to his delight sees a treasure chest inside.

Wowee, that is neat!  Henry says.

A treasure chest!  What fun.  Peggy Sue agrees as Oliver William holds it for them both to see.

Pop it down on the little scene Oliver.  Peggy Sue says.  Perhaps over there.  

Oliver William kneels down....

Holding the chest ever so carefully.

There, is that okay?  He asks.

Just perfect.  Henry tells him.

I wonder if there is any treasure in it? Oliver William asks.

That will probably come in another window.  Henry replies.

Who is going to open that?  Oliver asks Henry.

I think it will be Junior.  Henry tells him.

Junior?  Peggy Sue asks?  You mean he is coming to visit?

Yes, tomorrow.  Henry says.  He is even going to be able to stay a while.

Wow, fantastic!  Peggy Sue says.  She explains to little Oliver William that Junior lives with a friend of hers.

They are all excited about having a visitor come and stay for a while.

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