Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Trunk for Peggy Sue

While on holiday on the Isle of Wight, we found this wonderful trunk for Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue is intrigued...

She opens it up.

Is this really for me she asks?

Look I can sit in it!

AND lie in it!  It is just the most perfect size for me.

We are hoping to probably line the trunk together...she has to choose the fabrics!

Look at my cup.  Do you think it is a good size?

I was given this by a kind lady in the shop at Godshill Model Village.  

(Photos of our holiday to the Isle of Wight will be on Henry's blog hopefully later this week.


  1. Great trunk Peggy Sue, I look forward to seeing how you line it.

  2. The perfect size! Next to doll clothes and shoes, I enjoy finding the "perfect" doll carrier. Old music instrument cases can be fantastic, solid and already lined in velvet. Happy travels, Peggy Sue!


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