Friday, 7 October 2016

Friendships & Knitting

New friendships are being made ...

Romeo declared his love for Raggedy Ann, and was thrilled to learn she had 'I love you' written on her heart...although of course she was too shy to show him, which of course she shouldn't.

Peggy Sue had lots to say while Raggedy Ann listened on with infinite patience.

Later on I think Peggy Sue had worn herself out and was seen reclining on her Chase Lounge

With the colder weather coming Peggy Sue was delighted with her newly knitted long cardigan.

She declared it just perfect and thought the colour suited her well.

Today Raggedy Ann and Peggy Sue continued their discussion, with Raggedy Ann taking the lead this time.  Peggy Sue listened on in fascination.

Not long later Peggy Sue was seen wandering in the garden...she looked like she was on a mission...

She stopped for a while and agreed to have her photo taken wearing her newly knitted 'hounds tooth' skirt.

Before long though...

She wanted to go back and listen to more of Raggedy Ann's tales.


  1. The cardigan and skirt are beautiful. They give Peggy Sue a very 'career girl' Look.

    1. Thank you, it was a surprisingly easy skirt to make. She likes the look and feels very 'growed up' as she told me.

  2. Very cute. :) Peggy Sue on that lounge chair is the best! Lovely new doll clothes and what a creative way to show them. :)

  3. Hi Peggy Sue. The cardi is beautiful. And, guess what? Papa is knitting each of us a jumper using the same yarn except in a different colour! Maybe your mama will share with him the pattern for this cardi? Stay warm. Your Friend, Angelo

  4. It is definitely getting cool enough to inspire knitting and the colour of that yarn is lovely on Peggy Sue.


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