Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Cloth, Rag and knitted Dolls.

I started this blog post some time ago and things got in the way, so hoping to finish it today!

So introducing my cloth, rag and knitted dolls:

Looking through my 'stash' I found  this 'almost vintage' Rag Doll Cloth Kit' in my stash of fabric dating from 1981 'Reproduced to mark the Centenary of the Church of England Children's Society - 1981'

She is a reproduction of a Pauline Gilbert Rag Knock-About Doll 'Mignonne' produced by the Deans Rag Book Co., Ltd.

The printed fabric sheet makes one doll and contains instructions printed in five different languages, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. 

Here she is finished - now need to find a home for her.

Violet and Sam have been with me since 2010 and were made by a friend of mine who can be found here...

They usually sit on either my bed or a chair in the bedroom.

May Flower, Alice and Patsy were all made by me.

May Flower I completed in May of this year...she had been a while in the making!

I think I made Alice in 2012 for Peggy Sue

I knitted Patsy in 2013.

I have three New Zealand made Gollies.

Gordon Golly on the left is by Brigitte Rive, Golly Malone and Celebration Golly are by Robin Rive.

Rosie, Ronald and Amy Lynn were made by the talented Sandra Wheeler of Mother Goose Dolls

This vintage girl of unknown make.  I just love her orange dress.  

This is my son's 'Waldolf' doll 'Brian' made in true Waldorf style with recycled fabrics (clothing) stuffed with natural wool. This doll was made about 24 years ago for my son by a friend of mine. We were very interested in the Steiner Philosophy and School of Thought and set up a playgroup in our area. My friend also helped to establish a new school as well... after I had left New Zealand. 

My son called him Brian and I guess at some stage when he was unhappy he drew an unhappy face and tears on him. (I think this was during the time when he was at his primary school where he was bullied - we ended up removing him from school and home educating him)

Raggedy Ann came all the way from the USA and is an early 1938 - 1940 Georgene.  She is a firm friend of Peggy Sue.

My two tiny little rag dolls made from an Ann Woods pattern.  These two girls were claimed by Hazel and Peggy Sue.

A third tiny rag doll has been made.

Here she is admiring the gourds and pumpkins at Audley End.

I want to make another couple of these dolls as well - hoping to do that later this week.

This 'Volland' style Raggedy Ann and her two little friends were sent as a gift to me by a friend who could no longer keep them. 

Raggedy Ann immediately made her feel welcome and they are discussing names...

All the Raggedy Ann dolls together.  One currently waiting on me to finish her and the two little ones on Raggedy Ann's lap were made by my friend Elaine who made Violet and Sam.  

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