Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My First Handmade Rag Doll.

At the request of a friend, I am writing a little bit more about Alice, Peggy Sue's rag doll.

This little rag doll was given to Peggy Sue back in January 2013.  I found her in a box of sewing notions (possibly belonging to my husband's Grandmother, I can't quite remember) in pieces unfinished.  I gave her little fingers by sewing her hands and put her together, sewed her facial features and gave her hair.  I made her a pair of pantaloons, and she is wearing a dress I made for Tressy back in the nineties.  She is nine inches tall.

I guess you could say this was the very first rag/cloth doll I made.


  1. She has such an interesting history; a collaborative effort of past and present. A beautiful first doll.



  2. She is very sweet. Handmade dolls are very special ♡. She is beautiful. You did a wonderful job creating het. She makes a lovely companion doll. Blessings


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