Thursday, 28 March 2013

An Amazing Surprise

Yesterday evening, just after 6pm there was a knock on the door, a delivery man from Parcel Force stood there with what looked like a 'doll sized' box....I am sure you all know what I mean?  Strange though as I wasn't expecting anything so thought my husband must have ordered something for his business...However, when I looked at who it was addressed to, it had my name.

Well this had me stumped for ages as I didn't recognise the sender, it having come from the US and didn't know anyone in New York, nor did I remember giving anyone my address!  

Well what to do but open it! To my absolute amazement inside was American Girl Saige, a doll I had been admiring and wanting, but thinking there was no way I could afford her.  Who sent her was a mystery!
 I asked on Ravelry, the knitting group which probably best knows me for my enjoyment of the American Girls and knitting for them, but no joy.  I even looked up the sender's name on Facebook as it was unusual, and found the person, but still no recognition.  In the end I sent my older son a google message asking if he had by any chance sent me a doll.  

Next thing I know the phone rang (he is currently somewhere in the South Pacific on his Cruise Ship)  Yes it was him, she is was my birthday present from him, and he is sorry she was a little bit late.  No problem at all, the best of surprises!  I never ever thought one of my boys would buy me a doll!

Thank you for being the bestest son ever!  You certainly knew how to bring a smile to your Mum's face.

So the box opening re-enacted this morning (it was too dark last night)

Jess and Chrissy are excited to see what/who is inside.

The open the box to find loads of polystyrene 'popcorn'

Under which is that familiar looking coloured box that gives away what type of doll is inside!

Oh my goodness it looks like Saige, the current Girl of the Year.

Sure enough it is, how lucky am I?

Never did I realise how exciting it would be to get a doll as a gift as an adult until recent years.  This one being even more special and exciting due to the total unexpected surprise she was.

Free from the box, just need to remove the hair net, and boot protectors and label.

Here she is....just look at those cute knees!

Loving her with her hair down.

Cute freckles!

I read her story last night, and so much I can relate to when I was a child of a similar age.  I had a horse, loved animal just like her and like her friend I was (and still am) passionate about music.   

Jess and Chrissy welcome her home. 

Thank you again Steven, she is fabulous!


  1. Oooh - Congratulations on raising a great young man, as well as receiving a beautiful new doll girl. Thank goodness for lovely sons!
    Jenni xx

  2. What a wonderful birthday gift from a fantastic son! Saige is lovely.

  3. She is lovely, what a sweet son. I love her hair.

  4. Congratulations on receiving such a special gift. How wonderful that your son is so caring and thoughtful.


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