Sunday, 10 March 2013

Peggy Sue's new bed - Part Two

So this afternoon was bed making.

First up was the 'mattress'

I used some left over wadding folded into four, cut some fabric to size, sewed up three and a bit sides, squared the corners, tucked the wadding inside and then finished off.

A good size for the bed.

I made the pillow and used the same 'mattress cover' fabric.

A plain white sheet was made to cover the mattress and a pretty rose sheet and pillow case was made for the top sheet and pillowcase.

I found the little crotchet blanket and put that on the bed as well as it is going to be cold tonight!

Looking snug...also looks like I have to do some picking up of the floor later as well!

I finished part of the quilt while at my MIL's this afternoon - I decided to 'tie quilt' it as it was so small.  I then had to sew the binding on.

I love the blue colours in this quilt.  Just a shame some of the squares weren't quite the same size as I had initially thought.

Moved into position ready to surprise Peggy Sue.

"Oh my gosh!" She exlcaims as she discovers the bed in her room.

How wonderful to watch her surprise and then amazement as she kneels down next to the bed to have a look at the quilt and all the different squares in it.

Is this REALLY for me?  she asks?

Isn't this bed and quilt wonderful Owen?  She asks her little bear.

It is indeed Peggy Sue.  Owen agrees.


  1. Lucky girl, Peggy Sue! Your Mum is so good to you.

  2. I love blue quilts. Peggy Sue's bed looks very cozy. It's all so pretty.

  3. Such a beautiful quilt and bed! I love how Peggy Sue is kneeling down to take a good look...

  4. How wonderful! You did a great job with the little squares. These photos are precious!

  5. How fun to come by to see the bedding you have made! You have done such a spectacular job! What a wonderful selection of blues in the darling little quilt.

  6. The rose sheets and quilt are adorable.


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