Saturday, 16 March 2013

Getting the school supplies together.

I am still not the best and will be venturing back to bed as soon as I have finished writing this post, but Peggy Sue was most insistent that I showed you her school equipment we have been getting ready.

Books, bag and ruler


Painting set and a crayon set that she has left on the floor.  I hope those pencils don't get broken, don't forget you have left them there!

All packet away in her blue leather satchel.

Fits on her back nicely.  Owen looks on rather anxious as he doesn't want Peggy Sue to go away to school.

Don't worry Owen, she tells him.  I'm not going away to school.

Really and truly?  He asks.

Well I don't think I am...  Peggy Sue thinks to herself, ever so slightly worried now Owen has put the thought into her head.

Fortunately she doesn't worry for long and during a brief spell on no rain, she goes for a ride on her tricycle.


  1. Oh dear! IS she going away? Or is it a day school? Or perhaps on-line education? If she has to board can she take Owen with her?
    I'm sure she'll love it when she gets there, what ever happens. We love her school supplies.
    Jenni and Noelle xx

    1. Fortunately she won't be going away as she will be doing on-line education (of sorts ;-) ) I'm sure Owen will prove too much of a distraction for her in the classroom though!

  2. Poor Owen, I hope he isn't upset! I love her things for school and that cute little desk. Where did you get it? Hope you are getting better.

  3. Poor Owen, I hope he is not too upset. Maybe he can go to school too. I love her school supplies too and that cute little desk. Where did you get it? Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Hi Lizzie, The little desk came with a porcelain doll. It is a little small for her, but for a few pounds was the best I could come up with. I donated the porcelain doll back to the charity shop!


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