Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In a Conundrum...

I feel as if I am in a conundrum/facing a conundrum at the moment...if that is the right use for the word...going to look it up right now! Yes I think that word suits...

While in this kind of 'desperate' state of mind I currently find myself in...yet another side effect of withdrawing from the medication I was on...I have been thinking about a lot of my dolls again and feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of them.

First up some ramblings about my Kidz n Cats dolls. First thing I noticed when searching for some photos was that I haven't taken any of them this year!  Well apart from the one below of Bobby and Jacob in their matching sweaters...That is three months!  That in itself tells me something (apart from the fact that there hasn't been much outside doll play.

I have three boys, Hamish (Robby) and Bobby (Bobo) and Alistair.  Both Hamish and Bobby I love and Bobby has featured in quite a bit of my story telling with Henry and friends on my Sasha blog.  Alistair I just haven’t really bonded with and not sure I can really see myself doing so now as normally with the boys I love them straight away.  Not sure of the reason as I love his outfit, but is it because I have never really changed him out of it that I feel this way?




I have two girls Sophie (who if I am honest with myself, I probably fell in love with her because of her outfit) and Camilla (another blonde, but with a fringe and the purple ski outfit)  I ‘ve  never really done anything with these two girls.  I find myself being drawn to another – Stine – I think it is because her face reminds me of Hamish.  Do I go down this path, try another and sell on the two girls I have, or do I try with them for a bit longer.  Do I just give up on the girls?  The other two I am drawn to are Kiki – because of her darker colouring and Evita – because her face is quite different as you can see her teeth.  But I am not really convinced with those two to be honest.  I also think Laura is lovely and have seen her ‘in the flesh’ as my friend has her.



Again I had to search through last year's photos to find some I had taken of these two girls.

Why am I even thinking any of this when my mind is currently ‘unstable’ I wonder? I guess partly because I have a discount voucher to use on Evilbay and all of these four dolls are available and so I could get them at a discounted price...yet that really isn't logical.

So I am  thinking about selling on Alister (but keeping his clothes…so I guess I would have to make him something to travel to his new home in! LOL

I feel quite an unease about many of my dolls at the moment.  Not sure if it IS because of the withdrawal side effects from medication I am having, or because I am now perhaps seeing a bit clearer (or not?)

Some of the other dolls I am also thinking this way about are my two delightful Galoob Baby Face girls.  They bring a smile to my face for sure, but they just sit on the shelf...

More to come...another day....


  1. Hmm...You sure do have a lot to think about! I do believe the dolls who should belong to you will stay or find their way to you, and those who are ready for another adventure will happily move on...I have never seen the Kidz n Cats dolls...Very pretty!

    1. I look at them and they are such beautiful dolls, but I'm just not sure.

    2. I'm going through the same thing with the Sashas. I over-did it for sure but I'm not sure who should stay and who should go. I have never sold on Evilbay and don't know whether I could cope with that as getting to mail things from here is hard.
      I have a fridge magnet that says - 'Get your own back, live long enough to be a nuisance to your kids' maybe leaving them the dolls to sort might be just punishment for all the stuff I had to sort when they left home!
      Just a thought, is your particular love for Hamish because he is the only one with a different face? I can't help thinking Sonja has a bit of a bias towards the Jakob/Sophie/etc. style. probably because they sell best. I like Robbie and Galina (like Evita) because they are less frequently used and, in my view at least, have a little more character to their faces.

    3. I think that is partly it. I do like them to look a little different. I love Bobby (my Bobo) as he was an ebay bargain and he fitted right in with Henry and co. immediately. He is also slightly unusual in that he has all the joints and yet 'shouldn't' ;-)

  2. I spent a lot on a Spanish doll which I loved in the shop but have thought of selling her several times since I bought her. Every time I get her out to look at I just can't bring myself to sell her. I have bonded better with cheapie dolls that I have bought at the op shop. I guess if you sell some dolls that frees up money and space for ones you really like.


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