Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day and a Birthday!

Caitlin along with Paddy (Patrick) want to wish everyone a Happy St Patrick's Day.

Anne-Marie has also dressed in green to celebrate the day.

Not only is it St Patrick's day, but our very own 'Patrick' renamed Shadow is 15 years old today.


  1. Oh what a lovely post. I love your Shadow and he must be well taken care of, since he is a good, old age.

    I spent an hour on the floor this morning cutting mats off my Newf. I like grooming but it hurts my leg and arm. Still, it's a nice way to connect to the doglets. Shadow looks very nice and fluffy.

    I keep looking for stuffed dogs for my Maplelea doll. Preferably a Newf or a yellow Lab, but so far I haven't seen anything.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes Shadow has been well pampered - he has never been fed tidbits and been on a special gluten free diet all his life (due to major stomach problems when he was a pup) and has never looked back.

      Ah, you have a lovely newfoundland - again lots of work, but special dogs!

      I will keep my eye out here as well for a special dog for your girl :-)

  2. Peggy Sue looks so pretty in her greenery and both Patricks are as handsome as can be!


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