Monday, 29 April 2013

Introducing my Maori Dolls.

So the other day I introduced this little fellow...or is she a girl?

Usually you can tell by their costume, but I'm not quite certain for this one...

Next up is my tallest Maori girl...

Her name is Aroha

This slightly smaller girl is Mere

The next two belonged to my grandparents and would have been bought in the seventies or eighties.

She has a lovely face.  Her name is Kiri.

I didn't realise she was quite so dusty!  Oops!

This young lady has sleep eyes and her name is Ngaire

Next we have the family related to the Moana family who have  'emigrated' to Hittyville.

From left to right Tama, Tane, little Timoti,  Rangi and baby Rere

Lastly we have Wairaki.

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  1. Oh my! Such a handsome and most interesting family...Thank you for introducing me to the world of Maori, Lorraine!


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