Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Some bits and bobs.

I have enjoyed sending Elisa a few gifts for Rosey and I have equally enjoyed receiving these gifts from Elisa for Peggy Sue.   These are part of the package that was received the other day with the 'school dress and pinafore'.

I do think Peggy Sue is going to be rather delighted with these....glad to see a toothbrush and toothpaste has been included! ;-)

A little mini set about Kit, an American Girl Doll

Cute little cardboard dress ups and cut outs.

A little photo album and notebook.

Thank you Elisa & Rosey.

I knitted a little short sleeve cardigan the other night...I thought I would make it smaller, using smaller needles, but for some reason it ended up larger than I have ever made it!  

Still it fits Saige, so not all is lost.

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  1. Lots of wonderful things and Saige is one lucky little girl!


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