Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Peggy Sue insisted she have a 'Spa' day.

Inspired by Rosey's Spa Day and Peggy Sue wanting one as well, I thought I would have a go with Elisa's encouragement, knowing that if I really do stuff it up, she will come to the rescue for me!

Peggy Sue Before - this being my first ever attempt at painting eyes and faces I was reasonably happy with it, but wanted to do better.  Of course I have no art background at all and only just recognise one end of the paint brush from the other, but still gave it a go and thought I would have yet another go to see if I could improve things I wasn't happy with.

Removing her wig and eye paint to have another blank canvas to work on
and yes I will shamelessly admit it, my computer with pictures of Elisa's work on Rosey in front of me.

Hmmm...not too happy with this...

Possibly a bit better...

She doesn't look quite so scary with her hair on....but I do think she is going to need some more work...ahem... spa treatment tomorrow!


  1. I think her eyes look gentle and thoughtful now.
    You are very brave to do this, does the paint clean off the wood easily?(sorry Peggy Sue, I mean, 'Does the make-up come off her skin easily if she is dissatisfied with her look?')

  2. Wow, I think you did a really beautiful job on her eyes and eyebrows, that is so hard and you really gave her such a beautiful look. I think maybe darken the pink of her lips a little bit? TiGGy is kicking me here coz of course she Loves piNK, so I might be wrong. Wow, I have an old Schoenhut that has a really bad repaint and I have been considering stripping her, maybe you have inspired me to try eventually - Thank You and HuGs to precious Peggy Sue who sure had a wonderful spa day!


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