Monday, 22 April 2013

Some new arrivals...

Oh dear, while there have been some departures ...we have said goodbye to Bonnie Blue Blythe, a Katie Copy Cat, a barbie and almost goodbye to Sheena (awaiting payment)... oh and of course the Moana family who have 'emigrated' to Hittyville....there have been some new arrivals as well.   Not sure how that happened!  

So my debt has not been reduced...if anything it has risen slightly again.   Sigh...

Anyway we will ignore that for now.

The three new arrivals are:

Utz, Ron & Otti

They wander outside and meet Rosie and Amy Lynn

The girls are delighted to meet the new children and welcome them warmly

Amy Lynn and Rosie tell them all about what it is like to live here.

They are very excited to have some more playmates.

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  1. LOVE your new dolls...Utz and Otti are BEAUTIFUL!


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