Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wahine & Mahuta Moana are hoping to Emigrate

The Moana family are considering moving...

Wahine & Mahuta are fed up with the cold, damp, drizzly grey weather in ol' blighty and want to head for shores anew!  They have heard that there is a lot of things going on over in Hittyville, and are hoping that there will be room to move to this inviting place.

They miss the country and from what they have heard and read, Hittyville is definitely in the country :-)

Wahine (woman or wife) is married to Mahuta (Maori King) who is actually less a warrior and more of a dreamer, which can be seen from his expression.  He is a very kind hearted soul who only wants what is best for his family.

Little Hine (girl/daughter) is happy as long as she is with her parents and is quite happy nestling on her mama's back.

They are just waiting to hear back from Immigration, Visa and Passport control to see if their application has been accepted....

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  1. The Hittyville Friends are beyond honored to welcome the Moana Family to their humble town. To think...a Maori king and his family living in Hittyville! Thank you, Lorraine, for sending them all the way from England...although their homeland is New Zealand...which they share with you! How exciting!


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