Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Making a School Uniform for Marley Wentworth

I was asked to make a set of school uniforms for Marley and finally managed to go out and get the fabric today and have made the first 'prototype' using the pattern provided to me.

I was very disappointed in the lack of choice of fabric - hoping for a good selection of plaid, tartan etc...only to find there was almost nothing so had to settle for the one below that I have used to make the skirt.

I like the skirt pattern - it fits nicely and works reasonably well with the patterning on the fabric I chose.

The skivvy seems to me not to have allowed enough facing on the back where it does up - so I will amend that.  I think I will make the sleeves narrower as well.  This probably differs depending on what knit fabric is used.  Again I had the choice of...one!

The jacket is perhaps a bit more fiddly than necessary - the sleeves are sewn in two parts, as is the back - wondering if this is really necessary for a jacket of this size - it just adds to the seam bulk.  Plus it is very difficult to put the jacket/blazer on over the long sleeve skivvy.  Marley just wouldn't hold her sleeves down and they kept bunching up!  I'm not sure enough allowance has been made in the front either for the buttons (yet to be sewn on) done up.  

I may make up another jacket/blazer with out the extra seams to see how the fit is before I commit to this pattern.


  1. Lorraine! She looks great! I won a Marley Wentworth in a raffle but she has languished in her box for a couple of years because I don't quite know how to adapt a pattern to fit her. my experience of dolls has all been child, baby or adult - this early teen body seems to need something special.
    Did you use a purchased pattern or design your own? Call me silly, but I want to dress all my smaller dolls a little before considering who to part with when my eye sight gets even worse.
    Fingers crossed though, I'm seeing a private consultant who has done things outside NHS usual stuff for some people.

    1. Oh you must keep your Marley - I am quite fond of mine - I don't do anything with her, and this is the first time I have redressed her, but now I have started I might do some more.

      The pattern was sent to me by the lady whom I am making the uniforms for. I believe the pattern and others are available on Ebay

      I think it is a good idea to dress your smaller dolls first before parting with them, as you never know who might decide to stay or leave.

      Good luck with the consultant, I so hope he can help you.

  2. The outfit looks great. I really like the plaid you chose (I'd want to make a smocked dress for Sasha with it though). Do share your insights about the extra seams. Finding the right fabrics is often half the battle for me.

  3. I love the plaid skirt, it looks so in-scale--nice job.

    I don't have a Marley doll I have lots of patterns for the Tonner Tyler Wentworth and Matt body but so far haven't sewn anything. I got a bit frustrated at the lack of detail in the instructions. They seem to be good patterns though as far as fit goes(Designs by Jude by Tamara Casey.)

    1. The instructions do lack a bit and I found that they are not entirely accurate either - you certainly need to know what you are doing - they wouldn't be any good for a beginner sewer. Otherwise yes the patterns are quite good - although as I mentioned I'm not convinced by the sizing width on the shirt and jacket.

    2. Hi, I purchased a Marley Pattern on E-bay and The first Jacket I made, the sleeves were tight and it didn't button. I made another Jacket and did not use the 2 piece sleeve but cut them as one piece and Added a seam width to each side of jacket, much better...also I made the sleeves a bit fuller to be able to place it over her shirt. I turned the Skirt into a Kilt. Bravo ! Came out Great. I found a nice piece of plaid at a antique store for this skirt. I still have to make the tights. Its so much fun ."Hint" I found that the Vintage Tammy Doll Patterns Work Very Well with Marley.

    3. Thanks so much for this information - that is essentially what I did in the end - cut out the sleeves as one piece which definitely makes it better. I tried to omit the back seam, but that didn't work so well. Good to know about the Vintage Tammy patterns!


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