Friday, 24 May 2013

Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls.

Another one of my doll collections is the Nancy Ann Story Book dolls 

Earlier this year I was asked if I was interested in purchase four dolls.  I couldn't at the time but the lady was happy to wait until I could - so I had been putting a little aside for them as and when I could.

These four bisque dolls have frozen legs.

I think this one is March

Colonial Dame

I think this one is July

Little Miss Muffet  110


  1. These are lovely! Congrats!

  2. I absolutely love the Nancy Ann dolls and believe it or not, don't have a single one! Yours are just wonderful...

  3. I have come across a couple this year and mine are the frozen legs like yours. I just love the Colonial Dame one. I have one called Queen of Hearts or something like that and she has a piece of red felt on her head cut in the shape of a heart. The outfits they made for these dolls are so sweet and fun.


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