Friday, 24 May 2013

Tonner 12 inch dolls.

A new to me Marley Tonner doll has arrived - 'Violin First Chair'  she will join my other Marley doll

Well being musical how could I not?

I quite like these dolls - I like the pre adult shaped body - not young children, but not adults either and that appeals to me.  I have had my 'journey' with collecting adult dolls - Palitoy Tressy years ago now and all but a couple of that collection have now left for other homes.

I first discovered these dolls by chance when browsing Dolls 'Ending Soonest' on Evilbay - I saw the most unusual and strangely very appealing doll, who I discovered was 'Agnes Dreary' - I just had to have her.  Maybe I recognised something in her...

Well I then discovered she had a brother 'Viktor Dreary' Maestro - a musical theme?  Well of course he had to come to live here.

Somehow Agnes doesn't seem as pleased to see him as one would have imagined...

Marley was next in a wonderful Agnes Dreary outfit.

That was it for my little Tonner collection...or so I thought until I saw this wonderful Agnes in 'Minor Conundrum'

Well what a superb outfit - just had to have her!

So now I have two Agnes Dreary and two Marley dolls - plenty for me to be going on with.  Perhaps after my School Uniform commission I will make each of them a uniform as well as they are upper school age.


  1. I don't have any of these, but have admired Marley for awhile. Tonner makes such nice realistic dolls. It's hard not to like them. Congrats!

    I love Agnes' Conundrum outfit!

  2. I love the Marley with the violin--pretty outfit too.

    Part of the attraction with Agnes Dreary and family is that they have such good stories--Tonner is good at that and their various Ellowyne stories probably sell the dolls too.

    I vow to do some sewing for my Tonners this year.

    1. I don't really know anything about the stories behind these dolls and have obviously come to them well after they were first produced (hence being able to afford them now second hand) Will I find them on the Tonner website? I would like to know more about these dolls.

    2. In the Tonner archives, they tend to weave the story for each doll over several versions of the dolls and their outfits. Sometimes the advertisements in the catalogue have stories too. They have the catalogues archived:

      Start here for specific Agnes Dreary archived dolls and outfits:

      Here for Marley Wentworth:

      Here for Ellowyne Wilde. I really love the poems they put with this doll and her different outfits and editions:

      I find it rather unfortunate that they put so much emphasis on movie tie-ins these days as the stories for their own creations can be so charming.

      Having said that, the three dolls I have are all movie tie-ins! It probably keeps the company alive.

  3. Love your Tonner dolls! No one does dolls better than Robert Tonner! I have met him two times and he is quite charming and genuinely loves dolls. I heard him give a presentation about the Betsy McCall dolls a long time ago and then talked to him at a doll signing. Tonner is a man of vision...that's for sure!


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