Friday, 24 May 2013

The Troll Invasion

Troll Invasion!

It seems the wet weather has attracted some trolls.

Norbert has been happily tramping along and is joined by Ding Dong

Meanwhile Turvy is in a state of distress as he can't find Topsy ANYwhere!

When he comes upon the new trolls he is quite worried...perhaps they have kidnapped Topsy.

He asks them if they have seen her....

Norbert just looks up in the air with a rather vague expression...

Ding looks interested....Dong has gone (in the head ) it appears ...ooooh he says...

Norbert continues to look befuddled...
Ding just smiles on benignly ...
Oooohhh Dong exclaims....Ooohhh

I don't think Turvy is going to get much joy from them!

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  1. Ah...Trolls are SO much fun! Love the names Ding and Dong...clever!


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