Thursday, 16 May 2013

Xanthe makes a friend & Rosie's twin brother Ronald arrives.

Xanthe is pleased have a little friend to play with - she was feeling lonely all on her own.

I think Poppy is trying to explain something...

....and it was THIS big...

Of course just quite WHAT was that big, we can only guess...

Ah...perhaps she was talking about her teddy?

Getting to know each other.


Rosie got a surprise today...

Her twin brother has finally been reunited with her and they were so delighted to see each other and had a big hug.

Amy Lynn joins them outside to say hello to Rosie's brother.

Little Ronald is a happy little chap and is pleased to be in the UK and out of his travelling box.

These two are just so very happy to be together again.

The girls listen on while being told about Ron's journey to the UK.


  1. Poppy is adorable and so is Ronald. You really have a diverse doll collection. It's always fun to see them.

  2. Oh my goodness! You have so much red headed fun going on! Ron is very cute... Such a happy reunion!

  3. I hope you found his ball inside the box!

    1. Ha ha I did, but the following day when I was folding the tissue paper - he was very relieved I can tell you! ;-)


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