Monday, 22 September 2014

ADAD - September: 11 - 22

11: What you did today.   Peggy Sue practised her 'cello

12;  Shadow

13:  Unexpected.  What do I do with this?

14: Liquid.  Now what is this washing up liquid doing out here?

15:  Season.  Autumn is upon us the leaves are falling.

16:  Frame

17:  In front of me.

18:  Vintage

19:  What is this?  Why my knitting of course!

20:  In the morning...Wake up Peggy Sue.

21:  Rule of Thirds

22:  Made me Smile.  Playing with friends.


  1. What a busy few days you have had, Peggy Sue.I especially like the first photo, the one with your family portrait and the last one.Who is your little elephant friend and what Music Grade are you studying for?
    Jenni xxx

    1. I am not studying any grades yet Miss Jenni as my teacher says it is important to get an all round grounding in music and not just learn how to play 'Grade Sandwiches' Not sure what she means by that, but Mum agreed.

      Love Peggy Sue

  2. Glad to see that Peggy Sue practises her cello - very important. does her elephant friend have a name, he is intriguing?

    1. He is a Schoenhut Circus elephant. I am not sure what Peggy Sue has called her elephant as apparently it is a secret.

  3. Peggy Sue always makes me smile. She such a sweet doll. I love her bedroom , and her little companions. Blessings friend

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.


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