Sunday, 7 September 2014

Peggy Sue has her bedroom back! ADAD September - Days 5 - 7

The Sailor has gone back to see and the Autumn months are nearly upon us....Peggy Sue is delighted to get her 'bedroom' back....

Combing her hair.

Hoping it isn't too knotty...

She looks like she is getting ready for something?

ADAD - September  Days 5 - 7

5.  Do you think we will be 'here forever' Little Owen?

6.  Getting Ready

7.  Look at my lovely new White shoes.  
(Shoes made for Peggy Sue by the talented Monica of Macon Street Studio.


  1. I love Peggy's very sweet new shoes. Owen is a little cutie too. Its always a blessing visiting here. Have a great week friend

  2. Hello again, Peggy Sue,
    I missed your post this morning because Blogger Dashboard seems to be jumping about and even refusing to load, so I'm glad to have found it now.
    How lovely to have your room back, even if it does mean big brother Sailor is sailing off again. I'm sure he enjoys it and perhaps he will send you some post cards showing the places he sees, so you can shre it all with him.
    You are a lucky girl to have such beautiful shoes! I know they will always be shiny and white because you are a very careful girl. They almost made me cry, though, because my daughter had a pair just like them when she was little and she will be THIRTY-SIX on Friday. I feel very old, but it doesn't seem more than a couple of years since we were shopping for them. (Actually, I am quite old, however I feel inside!)
    One lovely thing about you, Peggy Sue, is that you will always be a little girl who can play with Little Owen!
    Lots of love,
    Jenni xx


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