Friday, 19 September 2014

If you could only have three?

I have been having a big sort through my dolls recently...I am feeling rather overwhelmed by everything the dolls including so trying to have a big de-clutter session.  It all started with the kitchen which is now wonderful - it took over a week to clear, clean, de-clutter and repaint.  I have now started on my sewing studio which also houses dolls, books and music...and to say the job is huge is an understatement.  It seems I am making more mess and it is even harder to get in there now!  Part of the problem being that I have to put everything back in at the end of each day in case it rains.  It did last night - it chucked it down.  I want to be able to enjoy the things I have and use/play with them rather than have them tucked away in boxes unreachable.  So it is time to downsize.  Dolls I have had for a long time but no longer hold any interest for me need to go.  Well that isn't strictly true, I do still like them, I just feel I don't need to hang on to them any longer and by doing so will hopefully be able to focus on the ones I want to.  So far I have sorted about 30 dolls to go which are currently on my 'For Sale' page.  I will gradually list them on my Etsy site or on Ebay.  

Which got me thinking:

If you could only keep three  five dolls, who would they be and why?

I know which three five it would be for me....although of course it would be hard.

Henry, my travel companion who has been to Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and the USA with me.  Henry is a Sasha Gregor doll who was made by the Trendon factory in Stockport, England in 1971. He has only been with me a few years, but has really wheedled his way into my heart from the moment I saw him.

Peggy Sue, is another who hasn't been with me very long, but is a firm companion and I have a lot of fun with her.  She is a wooden Schoenhut doll who I stripped back to bare wood, and as such has become very personal to me.

Hitty Madge, is my small doll I carved - the first I ever carved in fact.

Linda, is my 'walking & talking' Palitoy doll from the very early 70s that I got as a child.  I am not sure if she was bought for me by my Grandparents or my Parents - I must ask to see if Mum or Dad remember.  


Of course I hope I never have to make these crucial choices!  What a difficult thing that would be.  I think I could actually get them down to ten dolls, but after four it is more difficult choosing that fifth doll...would it be American Girl Doll Saige whom my son surprised me with last year?  Or would it be a Sasha doll?  That is where it becomes very difficult.  Whereas if it were ten, I could also include Saige, AG Chrissy who I am also very fond of and FOUR Sasha dolls, or perhaps a KnC .

So my extra six dolls would be:

AG Saige
AG Chrissy
KnC Bobby
Sasha - Stevie
Sasha - Amber or Emily whom my husband bought me.

Nope can't do it!  It is always difficult choosing that 'last' doll, especially when I look at them!

How about you?


  1. Hi Lorraine
    Nope - not going there!
    I tried a couple of times and then decided it was other things that sometimes overwhelm me - currently builders and fruit from our orchard which have decided to become a bumper crop that demands picking, sorting and packing or processing. Other things stop me enjoying my dolls, rather than the other way round.
    The dolls are patient and happy to be boxed up and come out to play in small groups. It works well for me and, since nobody close to me makes me feel bad about it, the dolls stay and only leave if I realize they, as individuals, leave me cold or if we are too broke to eat! But, if you promise not to tell the others, here is my list of 5 Sashas and 5 non-Sashas (that's the best I can do!
    Rhodri - a special boy repainted for me as a gift (stolen - but now home, bloodied but unbowed!)
    Harri - who replaced him - another gift from you and other lovely ladies
    Robin- who represents my twin brother
    Wren - who represnts me (egotistical, I know)
    James or Emrys - James represents my older brother and Emrys was my first Sasha doll, choice would depend on how I felt on the dreaded day.....
    .Peter - my first ever doll, rubber with fixed limbs
    Thomas - the first doll I chose for myself, rubber, fixed limbs, lovely glasene eyes
    Rosie - my childhood 6 inch Rosebud thumb-suck baby
    Tosca - a favourite Zwergnase junior girl
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty - a Robert Raikes Hitty doll (though it would break my heart to seperate her from her cousin and best friend, Roberta!)

    1. Ha ha, but you have gone there theoretically Jenni! ;-) I enjoyed reading about whom would be 'selected' It is so hard isn't it? Plus as you say how can you separate some from others who clearly are a 'pair'. Just as I think I am okay about some of them going...I then handle them and get doubts. As you say it is other things as well that are overwhelming, but I do believe for me it is also the dolls....and books...and fabric...and wool... and the and just goes on!

  2. What a interesting thing to ponder! I have four Sasha dolls: Felicity late 68 blonde, Prince Gregor (Called George) an anniversary gift from DH, Emma my Sasha Silk which was given to me by Gabi and bought with her own money when she got her own job at age 16, and my two "starter" Sashas: a late 80's blonde Gingham I named CHarlotte, and a 1980 blonde Gingham who I dyed Chestnut brown named Della. I suppose the two I could let go of are Chrlotte and Della - I imagine myself giving them to an older someday grandchild. I've recently started collecting Sasha babies and have 6 of them - all (or nearly all) of which I plan to have available to give to someday grandchildren when they are ready. (I bought all 80's unsexed or Gotz 90's unsexed, so each doll can eventually be either a boy or girl, as the child decides.) I also have one Bleuette, who came to me under such mysterious and fascinating circumstances I won't ever get rid of her. I also happen to have 3 Les Cheries, who were all very inexpensive (two under $20 and one was free) and I happened to pick them up on a little buying binge last spring. I could get rid of them, although they're quite cute and I do go through phases of wanting to dress them up for fun. Also, I think they could be a nice play doll for a child who isn't quite ready for a Sasha - so I might box them up someday. I've got my eye on a Ruby Red Galleria Bleuette who I'd like to customize to look like myself as a little girl by changing out the eye color and a new wig - but haven't bought her yet, as we've had a lot of medical expenses recently so it will need to be when I've resupplied the savings account. You may notice a good deal of my dolly plans involve grandchildren - none of whom are in the offing nor do I know if they'll even like dolls! LOL So all this can change wildly in 10 years time! :-)

    1. It is interesting thought isn't it? Thank you for leaving your comments. Lovely to read about your choices and why. I laughed at how your plans involve grandchildren...that is something I hadn't really thought you say that is also dependent on whether they will like dolls as well! Of course who couldn't like them would be my reply ;-)

      Certainly something to ponder.

      I have the same trouble with books! Which I am also trying to thin out.

    2. BOOKS! THINNING THEM OUT???!!! I just wouldn't dare, it would be grounds for divorce in Bruce's eyes. He left almost all his books behind when he left the US, planning to have them shipped later, but the cost was staggering, so they were sold for almost nothing. The collecting started again when we married and they are his pride and joy (well, I am really, but they come a close second.... or maybe it is the other way round? lol.)

    3. I am not sure how I am doing it Jenni! Books have always been MY thing (comes from also having worked in a library I guess) and one day I hope to have a room that is my library. The books I am thinning out are basic paperback novels that I wouldn't read again that didn't grab me in any particular way...some craft books I got given, some duplicate books I have. We still have a shed full of boxed books - that I packed up several years ago when we were going to 'emigrate' Haha that never happened. I have the books documented in a notebook. I just hope that they don't get damaged while stored... All my favourite authors I will keep, my special books from childhood, my special book collections of specific authors, for example GA Henty I will also be keeping....I just desperately need room to move and I just can't.
      Both of us are bookaholics!

  3. I can completely identify with this dilemma - I love dolls and books and Lorraine has seen my extensive book collection and most of our dolls. As for the 5 dolls it would be (1) Susie my Petalskin palitoy I received for my first birthday (2) Anna my 19.5" Gotz girl (3) Judith my tiny German doll (4) Reuben my Caleb Sasha/Gregor (5) Florence my Marina Sasha. This excludes my beloved Panda bear, Mum's bear Bruin because they are bears not dolls and my Poodle.

    1. Glad you excluded your beloved Panda as indeed I did because you are quite right, they are bears not dolls, so not counted! ;-)

    2. Oh, yes! What about my petal skin doll that darling Auntie Mary Scotland (as opposed to Auntie Mary Grumpy!) bought me from Marks and Spencer in the days when nearly all my other dolls came from market stalls..... She needs to be on my list... erm..... let's make it , If You Could Only Keep 2 or 3 dozen......
      and a dozen or so bears.... PLEASE.... I'm going to have a nervous breakdown if they have to be 'reducted!'


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