Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sonali Arrives.

Chrissy (or Chrissa which is her 'official AG name') is, next to Saige (who is special because my son sent her to me as a surprise birthday present), my favourite American Girl.  I remember when she arrived - she was hand delivered which seemed to make her that much more special.  Plus I really can relate to her story.  Children can be mean and spiteful and it isn't nice to be bullied.  I have also discovered that some don't grow out of being bullies and are the same as adults as well!  I like the way Chrissa overcomes being bullied and friendships are made.   Wish it could be quite so perfect in real life!  But still the message is put across well.  I enjoyed the film too which a lovely friend gave me.  Oh and Chrissa also enjoys crafts and sewing and one day we hope to find her sewing machine!  

Now recently I was offered one of Chrissy's friends that came out at the same time she did.  (She was Girl of the Year 2009)  I was absolutely delighted to be able to have her.  So Sonali has joined our American Girl family.  Sonali doesn't become available very often, and very rarely in the UK, so we grabbed the chance!

She is really beautiful

She is currently in her 'Meet Outfit' but both her and Chrissy have asked for some clothes to be made!  I hope to oblige when I have got the more necessary chores out of the way...

Since being reunited they haven't stopped chatting and are hoping that one day there will be an opportunity to obtain their other friend Gwen to join them.  


  1. Congratulations on bringing home Sonali! She's not always an easy one to find, is she?

    I think her face mould may be my favourite AG look (it's definitely one of the reasons I'm so fond of Cécile). :)

    1. Thank you :-) She certainly isn't! Especially here in the UK so I was very lucky.

      I think it is lovely as well. I don't have Cecile - I do have her in mini size though...

  2. This is a wonderful addition to your doll family. Sonali is beautiful and has wonderful hair.
    ~ Melinda


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