Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Summer Sun here we come!

So it seems I am a little bit obsessed with Wren at the moment, but can you blame me?  She is great fun to make things for and being that little bit smaller, it is also quicker...oh and that combined with the fact I am actually supposed to be doing more mundane things like a huge clear out, clean and tidy up!  I am the mistress of procrastination!

So here she is in her bikini....I might redo her bikini pants as not completely happy with them yet, but she thinks they are pretty okay!

Using a pattern I have used for Mini American Girls, but lengthening the dress length I made this cute little dress for her.

Oh I 'stole' the flower from Mini Saige's dress...oops!  

This was a new pattern that I got from Polly on Etsy  a great little pattern and fun to make.

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