Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Working on a wardrobe

One thing I really enjoy when getting a new doll is making him/her a new wardrobe....especially when a doll just 'clicks' and you know she is going to be part of a special group of companions.

I wasn't so sure what I thought of Wren when she first arrived, but after spending time with her this last week, and then seeing her yesterday interacting with my other three special dolls, Henry, Peggy Sue and Hitty Madge, I am pretty sure she is one of those.

In this first week she has started to build up quite a wardrobe....I discovered that she can fit into Hitty Madge's knitted dress quite well.

Although she is quite keen on keeping this dress, I have explained that Hitty Madge is rather fond of it, but now I know the pattern fits I can make her one of her own.  She currently choosing a colour!

I will probably add a few extra stitches to the front of the bodice.

The back fits fine.

I have made Wren a couple more dresses.

This one I used some of the Civil War reproduction fabric I had that I used to make the Hitty family dresses from.

With its small print it works well and will be good for the warmer weather.

She is so different from all my other dolls, but I just love her posing capabilities.

This dress fabric will be familiar to those who read my post on Elizabeth.  

Yes I used the same fabric, again it works well.

But of course it is not really summer dresses that are needed at the moment, so last night I got out my knitting needles and set to work on a warm jacket for her.

This morning she was very pleased to be able to put it on for her early morning walk round the garden.

It may have looked better in a plainer yarn, but I am using what I have available rather than buying more wools and fabrics.  Plus it goes with her boots that she is rather fond of!

I enjoy working on clothes - seeing what suits them and discovering just what works and what doesn't.

So in just one week she has gained quite a wardrobe.

Made by me:

Two pairs jeans - one blue denim, one pink denim
Two summer dresses
One leather skirt/checked dress
One pleated skirt
One cardigan (already made by me last year)
One purple fleece jacket.

Bought for her:

Two sweaters
One denim dress
Two pairs boots

Came with her:

Pink leggings
Brown & Black patterned leggings
Sewing dress
Wing top

Gifted to her:

Knitted short sleeve top

Clothes I had that fit her:

White bath robe
Stripe jacket


  1. She is quite an expressive little cute! She is very lucky to have such a creative "mom" that can make clothes for her :) I love her little blue jacket..the pockets are a great little detail.

    1. She is isn't she? I procrastinated for months and months before I made the plunge and now am so glad I did, I am having so much fun with her.

  2. What a great collection of wardrobe pieces! I especially love the different shades of blue in the cardigan and that first knit dress.

    My Makie has moved on (he ended up being given to a colleague), but looking at all of these photos makes me want to order a new one and make them some outfits!

    1. Thanks so much. I was really pleased with how the cardigan turned out - it is a different yarn to that which I used for the dress - which as you say is equally wonderful.

      Oh dear, yes you will have to get another! I very nearly ordered another - a boy last night, which was the first Makie I designed, but decided to be strong (at least for a while) and enjoy a 'one and only' for a while. I am so easily tempted!


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