Thursday, 18 June 2015

Captured! The Hunt for Scooby Doo Continues....

Scooby Doo is in trouble...

...Serious trouble!

But wait....where is the ghoul off to?

Is that what Scooby thinks it is?

In the mean time the gang are doing some serious investigation.

Fred has his magnifying glass...

Velma and Shaggy look on.  Shaggy gasps...fearing  the worst...

What's that Velma and Shaggy spy?

Back in the dungeon....  Scooby hears something?

Arghhh...not another strange being?


The creepy crawlies are giving Scooby the shivers...


ARGHHH!  A ghoulish blood curdling scream is heard...

There is some jangling of chains....

Some angry stomping



  1. Dear Lorraine,

    I love it! What fun and such compelling special effects! I love the way you set the scene too! Such wonderful, posable little dolls! Even the Paintergeist doll is arranged very expressively!
    I hope that Scooby Doo has managed to escape completely and is now once again with his friends. But who is this scary villain? And why did he capture our poor Scooby Doo?

    I love this wonderful mystery that you are weaving and it really does show the movement range and expressiveness of Wren and her wonderful, unique friends. What is the company that puts them out?

    One of my hoped for doll adoptions has fallen through (someone bought him while I was still trying to save up the money), so I may be free to add one of these little gems to the Fern Woods family.

    Thank you for your fun (and exciting) post.

    Elisabeth and the Fern Wood Family

    1. So glad you enjoyed this episode of Scooby Doo Gone Missing Elisabeth.

      The Makies are made in England and you can design them to your own specifications or purchase a pre-made 'Made for You' Makie. The website is

      Have fun and good luck!

  2. I agree about the lovely posing and special effects! I can completely appreciate how sometimes it's not so easy to pose them all in such expressive stances while making sure they don't topple over. Such a riveting tale as well! Great scenery.

    1. Thank you - yes it does take a while that is for sure!

  3. Poor, poor Scooby Doo! I do hope he gets a bonus (or maybe some bones) for working under these unpleasant circumstances. All those creepy crawling things, yuk... Sure hope he will get rescued pretty soon!

    1. I think Scooby Doo will be demanding high rates for his role in of course bonus scooby snacks and bones....

    2. I think Scooby Doo will be demanding high rates for his role in of course bonus scooby snacks and bones....


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