Sunday, 21 June 2015

Doll Shelf Sunday

A right mixed shelf this is!

Back row:  Nettie (Schoenhut) Graduation Barbie (bought for when I graduation with my Music Degree, another boxed barbie that my MIL bought me and a boxed Lamilily.  

Front Row: Ngaire one of my 'Barefoot Doll' Bratz repaints.  Lottie, Penny Brite, Tressy with Fern in front, another of my Barefoot Doll Bratz Repaints, my child hood Skipper and her friend with Fonzie standing in front of them. Brunette Tressy - my 'childhood' replacement and standing in front of her is Maire (Bratz repaint) and my childhood Sindy replacement.


  1. I remember I had one Sindy doll but we never quite got along. ;)
    And my very first 'Barbie' was actually a Malibu Skipper because my mother didn't approve of the adult look of Barbie. But I got a Malibu Francie next and then finally a Malibu Christie...and a few more later on. I loved playing with my Barbies. Sigh, I gave them all away and now sort of regret it. But, well, you can't hold on to everything and I've got lots of stuff already (way too much to be honest).

    1. I have to admit to probably not playing with my original Sindy doll much...I much preferred my Skipper doll and Barbie and Tressy next in line, but I still wish she hadn't been given away. True you can't hang on to everything...but sometimes it is better if the decision was yours rather than someone else making that choice for you, which is what happened in my case...I came home to hear they had been given away!

    2. Also meant to say that my very first 'Barbie' was also Malibu Skipper :-)


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