Friday, 5 June 2015

Introducing Tane Mahuta

So it seems I have been very remiss and I forgot to introduce Tane Mahuta!  Tane arrived back in early May, again taking advantage of the special offer the Makies Lab had.   I did take his arrival and unpackaged/deboxing - or is it 'detubing' photos!

I wanted to try to design a 'Maori' boy - or at least as close as I could get to one.

This is who I came up with, although I widened his eyebrows a bit as well.

It was exciting waiting for him to arrive to see how close he is to my design.

Two weeks later....

That familiar yellow DHL package.

Tube and goodies - yes a few goodies came with him.  

Oh dear...he looks like he had a bit of a rough journey!

Yup, doesn't look good.

Ooh you have a bit of a headache Tane?

I love the way they are packaged - tided with a simple bow and ribbon, makes for much easier unwrapping than some of the more commercial dolls, where you often take your life into your own hands trying to get them out of the plastic, ties etc...  A case in point is the packaging of the Monster High dolls - too much sharp plastic!

The glasses  are for April and the  cool red shoes are for one of the boys - they came with him instead of the usual black flats which is fantastic.

Now that is better, Tane can see straight at last!

I am pretty pleased with how he turned out!

He soon demanded some more suitable clothes - as they all seem to do.  Not that there is anything wrong with the clothes they arrived in, it is just the range for the boys in particular is a bit limited, and they just haven't suited my lads.

Leather jacket and waistcoat later.

This is more like it, but hey, let's ditch the red shoes!

Yeah man, much better!

Tane Mahuta's portrait photo.

Getting to know his character....

Seems he is partial to a game of pool.

Uh oh...April has spotted the new boy....she specialises in a bit of flirting it seems....Wren will be relieved she has turned her attentions away from Nelson.


  1. He looks right at home in that car!

    And I love the nose on him - very distinct-looking!

    1. Oh yes he is indeed....who would have guessed?

      I have to say I was quite pleased with his nose!

  2. Glad you fixed his eye. Poor boy! He looks really 'cool'. I understand April is interested, and Alicia too.
    And he even got his own car. Don't they all want their own cars now?
    Jennifer is no longer allowed to look at your Makie posts. She told me she wanted to move to the UK and live with you and your Makies because Wren and the other Makies have great adventures and lots of fun clothing and even cars. And they get to make a movie... And of course there are boys... Poor, poor Jennifer. ;)

    1. I am really pleased with him, but had to laugh when he arrived, poor boy for sure. Goodness knows what he had been up to! I think having his own car is definitely going to keep April and Alicia's interest.... Poor Jennifer, sorry she is becoming a bit demanding.


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