Sunday, 14 June 2015

Doll Shelf Sunday

My Shelf for this Sunday...

Quite a mixture, Sasha & Gregor babies and toddlers, their toys and my three little handmade dolls from Sandra Wheeler.


  1. Dear Serenata,

    What a lovely dolly shelf, and what a blog! There is so much I would like to say here, but again characters are limited. Though, I admit that my largest group of dolls are Sasha dolls, they are not my sole passion. I have been lucky enough to keep a number of my childhood dolls, and only two of those were Sashas, though as the baby actually belonged to my sister, I'm not actually sure that I can claim two, though he is living with me currently.

    After that, I collected a number of appealing doll characters that caught my eye. All, but one are play dolls, because after all, the main purpose of dolls, in my opinion is for play, but they are still lovely to look at. I love rag dolls and your three cuties on the left are absolutely gorgeous! I must be careful, or I'll be rushing off to buy myself two or three of these, and I am saving for a pair of new sons. Again, only one is a Sasha doll, the other is the one I am hoping I can find a good tailor for his school sweater and Christmas clothes.

    I am also enjoying your Scooby Doo posts. Those tiny posable dolls are wonderful! I do hope that there is a happy ending for this developing Mystery Tale! I must admit to owning a small group of Monster High dolls myself (I blame my niece), but they are all the Create-A-Monster ones, so none of the main characters.

    My children and I also love your posts on this blog, and happily follow Peggy Sue, Hitty Madge and Wren, and all your other delightful dolls here in their varied stories and lives. My little African-American sweetie, who piped up in my other comment, is one of my Non-Sashas, and is, somewhat impatiently awaiting the arrival of her big brother Caleb in the near future (I hope), so yes I believe in mixed doll families, just as I am a mixed race child.

    I want to thank you again for your lovely blogs, and all the pleasure you give to us all. I am thrilled to be able to follow the wonderful lives of your beautiful doll children in all their venues, and share my great love for a variety of dolls with others.

    I am sorry that you are having so much tragedy and trouble in your life right now and again myself and my doll family thank and applaud you for continuing to share your life and toy family with us, despite the stormy waters. It gives us so much gentle joy and pleasure. "Ms. Serenata." says my quiet Gotz play doll, Polly. "Your American Doll knits are so very pretty! American Doll clothes are a bit large on me, but I love to imagine myself in all those beautiful knits anyway. Your dolls are so very lucky to have such a kind and talented Mama."

    Thank you again for all the joy you bring us.

    The Fern Woods Family

    1. I love that there are others out there who share the love of having an eclectic family of dolls! I think they can integrate wonderfully, but I know that not all agree, or share that same love, so it is always fun to know when there are those that do. Dolls are for play and to be enjoyed and they are good therapy as well for the young and old, sick and well, and well just to have fun with! They have taken me on adventures I would never have dreamed of a few years ago and have helped me cope with the loss of my music.

      I have so many ideas and adventures and stories I want to write, but sometimes pain and other things interfere which is really frustrating.... but hopefully these ideas and stories will eventually get told.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, it always helps and is encouragement to keep on going.


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