Saturday, 6 August 2016

A little knitted dress

I knitted a little dress for Hazel the other day.  I think she looks really cute in it. 

The wool is one of my lovely New Zealand yarns, a Merino, possom, alpaca mix so very soft. 


  1. Lovely dress; she is a nice size to knit for :-)



  2. She is so darling! Love her new dress too. Your dolls are always dressed so nicely. hazel's new wig is so perfect for her. She seems to be smiling even more now. :o)

  3. That dress looks so soft! :)

  4. The colors are perfect for her! I can just imagine how cozy she must feel in something so soft!

  5. I was just reading on Ravelry that New Zealand is going to try to get rid of all the possums (how, I don't know.) Apparently they didn't originally belong there and are creating a lot of havoc with stuff that does. :(


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