Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Summer Music Festival.

(This is a duplicate post from my Sasha blog.)

There is a lot of music going on here at Rose Cottage at the moment...both inside and outside of the house.

Bobby has been practising his guitar in the garden, enjoying the inspiration nature brings him.

Edith has found her flute, much to her relief and is now busy catching up on her preparation with the help of Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue looks up at her to see her cue for when to start.

Hamish is busy practising his cornet.

Henry waits patiently with his clarinet.

Seems Hamish is going to be playing for a bit longer yet.

Later on Henry accompanies Peggy Sue..

Peggy Sue has been very diligent with her Cello playing.

Anne-Marie joins them on the violin.

A lovely trio of music.

These two girls have been working hard together.  Sometimes the two sisters get on so well and it is good to see them progress.

As to the Sasha girls...I am not sure what has been going on there...but there has been much banging and percussion type 'music' happening...and apparently no one is allowed to know what they are preparing yet...

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  1. These are precious photos! I enjoyed reading and watching very much. The first photos are so life-like! You know I love Henry and all of your Schoey kids. :o)


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