Monday, 1 August 2016

Six Weeks on...

Doll Decision six weeks on...

So I am focusing on my 'companion' dolls at present.

Hazel - my wooden Bleuette
Peggy Sue - Schoenhut
Henry - Gregor
Hitty Madge - Hand carved Hitty

These four take most of my focus... with the two BJDs mentioned below a little - not as much as I was expecting.  I will have to watch this and review my thoughts on them later on.

Ruby May - Blue Fairy MSD
Olive June - Blue Fairy MSD

I have my special Nini doll Jonelle out with her friend, my favourite Sasha Course Doll, and they sit quietly doing their own thing.  I enjoy being able to glance at them whenever the mood strikes.

A couple of times I've got one of the 'other' dolls out with the though I would do something with them, but they have gone straight back again.

The Sasha dolls are slightly different - they are all in my studio, and I occasional use some for photo stories.  A few will be involved in the 'Summer Music Festival' that my friend and I will be holding in a couple of weeks time.

Most I haven't even touched or given much thought to.  This could be a good thing.

I am especially enjoying Hazel.

She is such a happy girl and I really like her in her new wig.


  1. It's great that you've gotten to a good place with your collection. I'd miss seeing you and Peggy Sue around.

  2. Hazel and Peggy Sue are very special dolls; and your hand carved Hitty's as well. These are friends to be treasured.

    Sasha dolls are no longer made, are they? I hope you do not give them up; they are also quite unique. I think going slow is a good thing, Lorraine :-)



  3. I agree with Beth! Peggy Sue & Hazel are truly special girls, but I too adore your Hitty girls. And I can't imagine Henry being anywhere but with you. :o)


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