Thursday, 11 August 2016

Yesterdays Spoils...

Or should I say 'Loot'?!

I came home with rather a large bag of goodies which I kind of smuggled into the house...after all I was breaking my own self-imposed 'cutting down' mantra.

Well it would have been rude to have attended and not bought anything wouldn't it?  Plus there were some 'bargain bins' so how could I possibly not look?

When we arrived and had a look round, I spied this pretty blue dress and thought it would be perfect for Chrissy (Chrissa) .  I don't normally buy any clothes for my American Girls (I make all their clothes), in fact this is probably the first outfit I have ever bought them, but I thought it would suit her perfectly and I was right.

She really is pretty in blue.

Sharlyn and I spent some time rummaging in the Bargain Baskets.

Shoes!  Can never have enough shoes....apparently.

Pyjamas...for that all important PJ party.

A coat - which actually fits Peggy Sue, so will fit some of the smaller girls here.

This cute dress - not sure who this is for and who it will fit yet.

An umbrella - which I am sure will be useful for the upcoming 'Summer Music Festival' to either shelter from the sun...or looking at the sky today...the rain!

Some 'sheets' which I will use as fabric to make pyjamas and maybe even a dress.

A fabulous little riding set - for those all important gymkhana events.

A couple of pairs of glasses.

What I actually went intending to buy was a new hair brush.

Which I did get :-) 

But then....something that has been on my 'wish list' for some time now...

This fabulous sewing set!  Which will be perfect for the 'Schoenhut School of the Arts' when it opens again in September and that all important sewing class.

The back of the box.

Finally the little 'goody' box that the lovely ladies at 'My Doll Boutique' had prepared for us all.

Cute box.

A hair brush, hair clip and cute little t shirt.

Now hopefully I will always be able to find a hair brush for the dolls!

Thank you for the lovely gifts - very sweet indeed.


  1. You got some lovely clothes and props. I would have bought things too! I think new clothes for dolls you already have are okay to buy. Every girl needs a new outfit once in a while. :) And every boy too, Henry. :)

  2. that sewing machine set looks very tempting...

  3. Wow! You found some great items for your dolls. And got a nice gift too! I love the sewing set. I will have to see if I can find that for my granddaughter. She wants to be a fashion designer. :o)
    My daughter's name is Chrissy. She is a blue-eyed redhead just like her daughter. The loves of my life (hubby too, of course).


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