Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Doll Boutique Fun Day Meet Up.

Today was the day of the American Girl Dolls and Friends UK Facegroup meet up at 'My Doll Boutique'   Arranged by my friend Sharlyn, the group admin with Nicky and Kelly the lovely ladies behind 'My Doll Boutique' an amazing day was had by all.

Nicky and Kelly went to a lot of effort with displays, colouring in activities for the children, a tea party with sandwiches, cakes and drinks as well as some hair dressing which was done by their daughters and ear piercing (for the dolls).

I took lots of photos of the day.

One room was set up with a table for the activities and all important party food.

This is where a lot of the eating took place!

But first there were some colouring in and cut out activities for the children 

Party treats.

Great displays.

The main room where all the business takes place were also set up with some fabulous displays.

These girls are 'My Look Alike' Dolls and they are display with 'Our Generation' accessories.

A close up of the 'My Look Alike' dolls.

This girl is of course an American Girl Doll. 

Just loved this display.

All the different dolls and accessories available to browse and for some purchase!

So much fun and goodness in one room.

More fun accessories and displays.

Peggy Sue of course was delighted with the camper van which has been on her wish list for the last couple of years or so (and still is despite her protestations!)

Still she took full advantage of checking it out for size.

Henry decided he wanted to picnic with the girls.

They enjoyed chatting for quite a while.

Hmm...what do we have here?

Has Peggy Sue managed to convince Henry to drive off with the camper van in tow?

It certainly looks as if they might be up to something.

Later on Henry checks out some of the other vehicles.

Does this come in any other colour than pink?  He asks.

He stops by to say hello to the horse rider and tells her all about his horse Stratford.

People start arriving and they get chatting with each other and making introductions.

Soon it is like they have known each other for ages.

Lots of chit chat.

Cakes have started to appear at the table.

Yummy!  I made the un-iced ones, which rather paled into insignificance against the beautifully decorated cakes made by Nicky and Kelly's daughters.

The girls do some hairdressing for the younger visitors.

Looks like some purchasing may have started!  Well who could possibly resist when they come to a place such as this.

Lots of smiles.


Oh more happy girls with their new dolls.

Nicky packaging some purchases.

Getting ready for lunch.

Gathering for the fabulous spread that was put on.

Ear piercing...

Ooh, is this for me?  Everlee asks.


I don't thinks she quite believes it.

The gathering...

Henry has found a new friend, Everlee, who is ever so pretty with silky soft hair.

Some of the lovely children also had photos taken with the dolls.

As well as some of the adults!

The children.

(Photo courtesy of Kelly, with thanks)

The 'adults'  

(Photo above taken by Kelly of My Doll Boutique)

Some last minute shopping...?

Sharlyn's Everlee with Henry saying goodbye.

With a very special thanks to Sharlyn for organising this, and and especially big thanks to Nicky and Kelly of My Doll Boutique who put on such a wonderful day and gave us a fabulous gift box with goodies.  (To be shown in tomorrow's post)


  1. What fun. It looks like everyone got well and truly stuck into enjoying themselves. Henry, I could spray that car a different colour for you if you can persuade your mum to buy it.

    1. Oh wow really Aunty DM?! I will have to save and save and save and do lots of chores and see if Mum will let me buy it! Thank you so much. Love Henry :-)

    2. while you are doing those chores you can think about what colour you want it to be.

  2. Wow Lorraine what a fab blog. Thank you for recording this special day xxx

  3. That looks like great fun! Love the variety of dolls!

  4. What a delightful post, Lorraine! Where to begin? I love the icon for My Doll Boutique, and the paper dolls :-) And is that you in the lower right corner with the blue sweatshirt on?

    So much doll-inspired goodness. Tell Peggy Sue that my hubby and I are also looking for a camper (or do you call them caravans there?); she and Henry looked right at home behind the wheel of the jeep!

    Thank you for making me smile, and laugh out loud :-)



  5. What great spaces full of dollies! It looks like so much fun! Henry is quite the social butterfly. I hope Peggy Sue gets her camper some day.

  6. That was just delightful to see! It did make the dolls and I want that camper, which I see every time I go to Target and have trouble resisting!

  7. What a wonderful day! I could spend hours browsing there. How nice they opened it up for visitors. And added fun activities as well.


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